My Top Anime for 2010

2010 will be over in a few days, so it's time for that year-end exercise: the year-end rankings of the shows that I watched. I'm quite early from my usual schedule. Whew! Now what else to do on New Year's Eve? 😀

Anime Progress Report Spring 2007 Part 2

Bokurano * Wellber no Monogatari ~Sisters of Wellber~ * Romeo x Juliet * Seirei no Moribito * Murder Princess Bokurano I had high expectations for this show, but when it came down to the mech 'showdown', it felt like Reideen Part 2, this time with more pilots. Slow motion action and CG don't look very …

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My Top Anime for 2006: Final Version

Happy New Year everyone! I found making this list quite difficult...The top five was easy, but listing the rest was quite a recall exercise lol. There were shows I thought didn't belong in 2006 but did--so I had to do some research. This is my punishment for watching too many shows. I also didn't bother …

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Cute Proxy’s 2006 Favorites

Well, my internet connection has improved but it's still only 25-50% from it's original speed. So I'll post this first part of a rankings post for the year 2006. Let's start! Most Hated/Annoying Character/s Emiya Shirou (Fate/Stay Night) - Kill Shirou!! Kill Shirou!! 'Nuff said. Gora (Innocent Venus) - He was annoying at first, but …

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