[Lists 2011] Fictional schools in anime I would like to attend

I came across this result via ANN about a survey conducted by BIGLOBE regarding fictional schools that people want to attend.  It caught my interest and decided to think up my own list.  Well, that’s assuming I was born Japanese AND my parents had lots of monies to be able to send me to most of my listed schools. (So it looks like my lists project will be continuing this year.)  =D
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My Top Anime for 2009

I said I would not do this list.  However, I made an about-face (for reasons I cannot say).  Unlike last year, my room is not such a mess today.  The weather’s still fine though.

Another thing for this year, I’ll be including shows that I haven’t finished yet but where I’m halfway through (or are ongoing shows).  The shows are Aoi Bungaku, Bakemonogatari, Cross Game, Kimi ni Todoke, Sasameki Koto.  I cannot include Kara no Kyoukai because I’m only into ep 2 and the show is still an unknown for me.  Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood doesn’t count also because I stopped watching and am saving everything for a later date.  Fairy Tail is probably gonna go on forever, and I’m still undecided on it overall.
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Merry Christmas!

Hehehe.  I’m online, and not sleeping.  Why?  I just caught up with Bakemonogatari.  I finished watching all subbed eps today.  Verdict?  I like it!

I probably passed over this show in the summer season when I read the fanservice tag attached to it.  Surprisingly, I was able to ‘overcome’ that annoyance.  I think the staplers helped a bit.  😀

I recommend this to those who haven’t seen it and are looking for something to marathon this Christmas vacation, the fanservice isn’t that bad.  Though it seems the show hasn’t ended yet.

Now I’m off to get some sleep, ja!