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[Lists 2015] Ranking the Haikasoru book stash


Finally, after having bought and read the last of the books I most coveted from the Haikasoru lineup last year, I have now made a ranking of the books I’ve read!  Please note that since these books were bought over the years, I have forgotten details from when I read them first.  And foolishly I did not even write down notes that could have helped me make better comments about most of the books.  So my impressions are from memory.  For example, I don’t really remember much about Slum Online so my conclusion is that it must not have made that much of an impact on me.  Also take note I haven’t also done reviews on the science because I just wanted to know what happens.  For a discussion of the science (or the unscientific) you’ll have to read other reviews for that.  These are just my feelings about the books.

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