[Lists 2010] All-time Faves and Rankings: Yuri and Shoujo Ai

This is what I have been referring to in my New Year post. I will rank the shows I've watched for each genre/grouping. I am not yet sure about the complete list of genres/groupings that I will tackle, because I doubt if there is enough material for most of them. But the major ones are slice of life, comedy, shounen, and of course, mecha. But today I will tackle yuri/shoujo-ai. (Warning: There might be some spoilers, but just a few.)

In Review: Kannazuki no Miko

This anime actually reminds me of Sosei no Aquarion except that the mech battles suck. They are so random and the Orochi pilots so incompetent and laughable, except for Souma's brother. It is no wonder then that Orochi (the evil guy) is defeated by our priestesses (Himeko and Chikane) in their past lives. But what's …

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