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Brief thoughts on my recent raw manga adventure


I have been wondering why I was able to go through the Chihayafuru raws in a matter of days, whereas I had always been struggling to finish a volume of my beloved Maria-sama ga miteru series.  Actually, the Marimite manga is more friendly to those who are challenged in Kanji.  Chihayafuru, on the other hand (basing on the first volume), had at first not been so beginner-friendly.  In my observation it only manages to add more furigana in the later volumes.  Was it because the audience has widened?

Lately I have been trying to read more Japanese text, and my experience with Chihayafuru raws just goes to show that motivation really plays a big part in learning a language.  I had downloaded a lot of stories from Aozora Bunko into my Kindle, and not one of them was finished.  I read the first few pages and then after a while I give up.  Maybe the fact that manga has pictures helps.  Of course the raws are now also in my Kindle.

But the number one reason has got to be the engrossing story in Chihayafuru.  Who’s gonna win?  What’s gonna happen next?  When will we get to see Chihaya as queen?  That’s the kind of curiousity that drove me to read the raws (and will continue to drive me in the future).

I guess we’ll still have a few more volumes of exciting karuta action in the future to look forward to!  And in the process the manga will also be a good exercise in Nihongo reading comprehension skills.  😀


Let the manga/light novel craving start!


Ok, question is, what store in Akihabara where you can you find manga and light novels?

I’m looking for some Marimite novels and maybe somebody can recommend a good store?

I’d like to buy but not immediately. I just want to know the location/store (and of course it must somewhere that is ok?). I’m still in the process of researching what to buy; I’ll be using the ‘reading materials’ to force myself to learn more Japanese words. I find that I actually learn faster by reading stories/articles. And I need it in print. 🙂

Thanks in advance for anybody who can give recommendations. =)

Maria-sama ga miteru, the 180 degree turn, and the Twisted One


*Another directionless post on anime, manga, and plain books

I just wanted to rant on how I’ve been completely engrossed in Marimite. I was supposed to watch the series and the sequel once, and then move on to the next marathon. However, I ended up watching the first season twice (I’m now on season 2 but still some episodes left to rewatch). And that was not enough; I had to get the manga scanlations, and then still not satisfied I read the online translations of the novels available. I cannot seem to get enough of the stories it’s scaring me a little. If ever an English translation of the novel will be sold here in my country, I might go and buy all of it (I mean the set). So before I get lost in yuri-land (or worse, watch the series for a third time), I think I’m gonna have to start on Evangelion again. I know I said that I’m gonna start again on Eva after Binbou Shimai M and H&C II end, but I have to see something else now. It has not helped at all that after dropping some shows, I’m left with the mentally ‘heavy’ ones–Ergo Proxy, Honey and Clover, Night Head Genesis, NANA, and even SP is in a dramatic(?) mood. I have ‘light’ shows on my watchlist: Ouran Host Club, Naruto, and Eyeshield 21. Even then I still get the feeling of being drained. I think I may have even lost some of my appetite for Honey and Clover. Maybe I have to take up a series that has brainless fun…

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