Brief thoughts on my recent raw manga adventure

I have been wondering why I was able to go through the Chihayafuru raws in a matter of days, whereas I had always been struggling to finish a volume of my beloved Maria-sama ga miteru series.

Manga Progress Report (Sort of)

Mission status: 10% Earlier today I managed to get a second-hand copy of the Maria-sama ga Miteru light novel. I actually had bought a new copy of the manga version of the first volume a few weeks back. But I had second thoughts about getting the original novel because I was afraid the novel would …

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Sha la la la la la...I find myself humming this tune a lot now. And the weird thing is that this started with the manga. Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, are called Kekkaishi. Kekkaishi use kekkai, a technique to capture and destroy ayakashi (monsters and demons). As heirs to a clan that has protected the …

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Maria-sama ga miteru, the 180 degree turn, and the Twisted One

*Another directionless post on anime, manga, and plain books I just wanted to rant on how I've been completely engrossed in Marimite. I was supposed to watch the series and the sequel once, and then move on to the next marathon. However, I ended up watching the first season twice (I'm now on season 2 …

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