My Top Anime for 2009

I said I would not do this list.  However, I made an about-face (for reasons I cannot say).  Unlike last year, my room is not such a mess today.  The weather’s still fine though.

Another thing for this year, I’ll be including shows that I haven’t finished yet but where I’m halfway through (or are ongoing shows).  The shows are Aoi Bungaku, Bakemonogatari, Cross Game, Kimi ni Todoke, Sasameki Koto.  I cannot include Kara no Kyoukai because I’m only into ep 2 and the show is still an unknown for me.  Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood doesn’t count also because I stopped watching and am saving everything for a later date.  Fairy Tail is probably gonna go on forever, and I’m still undecided on it overall.
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A breakdown in the last 2 minutes

This is what I would describe Toradora if it were a basketball game.  Frankly I’m quite disappointed in episode 24.  I’m not going to write a lengthy post–just trying to express what I feel.

First off, I find Takasu’s proposal of marriage a little irresponsible.  Even if they can get married legally, it felt like they were taking the easy way out.  What, they can’t go on without getting married first?  It seems they were carried away by their emotions.

Second, how can Minorin give away her savings??!!  If Takasu and Taiga can’t support themselves in the first place, why get married at all?  It’s stupid.  It would have made sense if Taiga got pregnant, but that was not the case.  Their reasons for getting married are shallow, in my opinion.

There are other annoying things but the above two are the major ones.  The events in this episode somehow negated whatever awesomeness Toradora had in the earlier episodes.  Maybe I should just pretend episode 24 didn’t exist?

My Top Anime for 2008: Final Version

Happy New Year everyone!  This post was delayed because I was waiting for Mouryou no Hako’s last episode, and while waiting I was not in the mood to write any ‘thoughtful’ description about each anime on my list.  But now it’s finished, so enjoy!

So unlike in 2007, I feel perfectly fine now.  I don’t have headaches.  My room is a mess though, but blame it on the cold weather.  It creates the perfect mood for blogging because you become too lazy to do anything else like cleaning, organizing, washing–the mundane stuff.

Another more important difference from last year though, is the use of the watchlist and the matrix.  Before I had to research again on the shows that aired for that particular year, and it was such a bothersome task.  Clicking search result links like a zombie isn’t a fun way to be spending the last days of the year, right?  Another equally tedious task was how to rank the shows better, which got solved when one boring day at work the gods of anime gifted me with the matrix.  It’s not truly anything groundbreaking for me but it is a great help when sorting out what I think about each series.  Now the only thing left to solve is how the post writes itself lol.  Actually the description for each series is the only remaining problem now, because sometimes I forget what happened with a certain series.  2008 was a busy year for me–I had to study for JLPT 2, plow through my pile of books, try living a healthier lifestyle, think about my career, blah3x and other things in between.  So this could be my new challenge for 2009.  🙂

Now enough with the boring talk, and on with the list!

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Cute Proxy’s 2008 Favorites

After a day full of eating cholesterol-laden foods– eggs for breakfast, crispy pork for lunch, pizza and more meat for dinner, I finally finished the first of the year-end wrap-up posts!

Most Hated/Annoying Character/s

  1. Stupid villains from Gundam 00 – Alejandro Corner and his golden monstrosity.  Libbons and his harem.  Those stupid siblings in fake Gundams.

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