Macross F: Sayonara no Tsubasa

At last, the journey that started in 2008 has finally come to its conclusion…

I delayed my viewing of the 2nd Macross Frontier movie  so that I could have something to really look forward to on the 24th of December (aside from the food of course).  I ended up downloading 3 versions (LOL) but I decided to stick to the one with FLAC audio.  Ditched the 1080p version too because my laptop couldn’t play it well.  ^_^;

Since I’ve already tackled comparisons to the Macross DYRL movie in the Itsuwari no Utahime post, I won’t be tackling that much again here.  Why??  Because the most important item in this movie is just this:  WHO WILL ALTO-HIME CHOOSE???!!!

Was this a hint?

Before we go there, of course we have to tackle the music first.  Ranka’s songs are better now but Sheryl’s songs are awesome too.  I actually prefer the visuals of Universal Bunny in Itsuwari no Utahime over Kindan no Elixir in Sayonara no Tsubasa (hereafter SNT).  I didn’t like the CG that much.  That said, I still enjoyed Kindan no Elixir because of its naughtiness.  I also remembered the speculation when the image of the bride circulated.  😀  Watch the videos below for comparison.

The concert special effects for Niji iro Kuma Kuma really fit.  The song isn’t naughty like Kindan no Elixir but the effects were good too.  I also liked the first song at the ending credits sung by Ranka, Hoshikira.  I feel that Ranka/Megumi’s singing sounds improved.  I like her voice now much better than in the past.  Hoshikira must have had an effect on me.  I really like it.

2 Rankas and a bear!

And I really loved the concert at the prison!  Those who haven’t seen Macross 7 or don’t know Fire Bomber wouldn’t be able to relate.  😀

Listen to the song of Ranka & Lovely Bomber!!
Can't we do Totsugeki Love Heart??
Where's your mother Mylene??
Who were you again?
Next to lead guitar, the drummer is cool

And yay Alto in goth!

Who says only Lovely Bomber can have all the fun?
Destiny! Wait, I think that's from another anime...

Still, my favorite scene belongs to Sheryl…It almost reaches the emotional scale of DYRL.

Sing to the galaxy!

For the final fight, I still prefer the DYRL one.  Maybe it was more enjoyable because the triangle between Misa, Minmay, and Ichijo had already been resolved.  Also, Ai Oboeteimasu ka was a little slower and I really liked the effect.  In SNT I was more interested in the resolution of the triangle than the fight hehehe.  But it was awesome the way Sheryl’s ‘aishiteru’ from the song sequence completed Alto’s sentence.

Nice wings

This doesn’t mean SNT fails in the entertainment department.  Definitely with more advanced technology than in DYRL, it delivers with impressive effects.  There is probably no other non-Macross anime that can stage concerts of this scale lol.  (If there are, tell me hehehe.)  But DYRL had more emotional effect then because humanity was fighting for its survival.  Still, I would have preferred it if Alto had delivered the final blow, just as Ichijo delivered the blow to Bodolzer in DYRL.  However, Brera blew up too so all is well.   😛

I really can’t decide which is better, the movies or the series.  But without the movies, there wouldn’t be a resolution to the love triangle, and no new songs.  So I say allelujah for the new songs from the movies!   😀

As for the end of triangle…

Alto tells Ranka that sorry, he can’t return her feelings.

She didn't get a slap but she looks more hurt than Minmay ever did

But just as Alto was about to tell Sheryl his feelings…

Sheryl, I think I'm going on a date with the Vajra queen first...You're fine with that, right??

…He is caught in the warp generated by the Vajra queen!!!  Damn!!!!!!!

From NUNS with love...
Come on Alto, teach me your kabuki *wink* - Vajra queen

I’m a little disappointed that Alto couldn’t be with Sheryl immediately, but deep inside I know (or hope?) they will be together again har har har.  I can’t imagine Alto really ended up with the Vajra queen, and Sheryl ends up with Ranka!  What a nightmare!!   😛

But at the 2nd song of the ending credits, we hear the crowd chanting Sheryl’s name and Sheryl thanking them for waiting and talking about a miracle.  I assume this means she woke up from her coma.  As for meeting Alto again, I have no idea.

Right now I think I’m having LSS with that 2nd song, d Shudista b.  And also Niji iro Kuma Kuma and Hoshikira.  Listen to d Shudista b below.

Over-all I think the movies are great.  On an emotional scale they still can’t compare to DYRL though.  With 2 movies, it’s also harder to rewatch.  But my favorite scenes will always be the concerts.    I will always love to ‘Listen to the songs!’   😀


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