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And the advance of the light novels continue


I actually just read about the licensing of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel by Yen Press.  I was mentally exclaiming ‘Good news!’ and ‘Whew!’ at the same time.  Good news in that should I have sufficient extra cash I would be able to buy it.  ‘Whew!’ in the sense that I just had finished marathon-reading all the online translations (including summaries) just a few days ago.  I went crazy and read whatever and whenever I could.  I spent a good part of a day just figuring out how to install the stuff that would automatically generate a PDF (not knowing there were already ready-made files available somewhere else.)  So I got to know what happens after the anime ended.  Reading the light novel also introduced me to details that were not shown in the anime.  That explained a lot of things and was quite helpful.  On an additional note, the manga Mahouka Koukou no Yuutosei also got licensed.  It also has some details especially from Miyuki’s point of view.  However I think the novels are a better buy because the artwork in the manga lacks quality.

On the extreme end, it was too late with me for No Game No Life.  I was late to the anime party and imagine my disappointment when I found out the translations were no more.  Not that I’m against licensing but well, I just wanted to know how the original novel went.

I think that Yen Press needs to be commended on these licenses they’ve acquired.  Looking at the press releases, aside from the 2 shows above they also licensed Log Horizon, Sword Art Online, Accel World.  There are other titles too but these 3 are notable in that I’ve also read some translations and they’re quite decent titles.  Of the 3 quality-wise Log Horizon is on the upper level, but as entertainment both SAO and Accel World are still worth the money.  If money and space were not an issue I’d be looking at buying these 5 titles.

Of course I have my own ‘wants’ that I would really buy and the foremost title in mind is Maria-sama ga Miteru.  The anime already has the English-subbed DVDs but I actually prefer to have the light novels.  Another title on my mind is Seikai no Senki.  It’s also quite old and currently the chances of both titles being licensed are almost nil.  Of course the problem could have been solved long ago if I just continued on with my Japanese studies and became fluent enough to read the novels.  Alas, my skills are only up to reading manga with furigana–I could get the gist but not the details.  So for me reading light novels is still light-years away from being a possibility.  I can only dream until either of these scenarios come true.  🙂


Anime Progress Report – October 2014


The amount of tolerance I can muster for harem/brocon/siscon/moe is directly proportional to the amount of stress suffered at work.  So after some months of stress from work, I am now back in the arms of anime lol.

And lately I have been feeling some urge to post something, so while the iron is hot I’ll strike!  Some shows I’ve seen recently…

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My Top Anime for 2012


Because catching up to backlogs must start with the post backlog!  😛

You see, I had started the post 2 years ago but never got the energy to finish it.

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Looking Back: Anime Festival Asia 2012 at Singapore EXPO


OK, so since this year I decided not to go to AFA (for financial reasons–gotta save), I’m in a reminiscing mood.  And since I actually had started writing something about it (but never finished it in 2012 lol), I guess it’s time to post something.  So below is my account of my first-ever trip to the Anime Festival Asia held in Singapore.


Ok, so how do I begin?  This trip had a lot of firsts.  Of course it was my first trip to AFA.  It was my first international trip alone. (Thank God I got through the biggest hurdle of all:  Philippine immigration).  It was also my first time to go to an anime live concert!  Hurray!!

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Cute Proxy’s 2012 Favorites


Happy New Year everyone!   😀

It was a good thing I prepared the list in advance months ago.  At least I won’t be late with this post.

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A Macross-themed Christmas


It feels like ages since I last posted.

So what was I up to?  Actually I wrote a post but I haven’t completed it yet.  Things just piled up and here we are, nearing the end of 2012 still not a post about my November adventure hahaha.

So how’s the anime progress?  I have been regularly watching SAO and Uchuu Kyodai.  As for the rest of the other unfinished series, well, it will depend on my mood if I watch them or not.  This means the year-end rankings post could be delayed.  The world hasn’t ended and it can wait.  😛

Anyway back to topic.  So what’s with the Macross-themed Christmas?  Actually since the 2nd half of the year began I had been planning on rewatching something for Christmas (or the whole of December).  I settled on Macross since well, I am a mecha fangirl.  ‘Nuff said.

So I started with the Macross F concert in Budokan.  I almost managed to finish it and then I found a 1080p version.

May'n as Sheryl Nome and Megumi Nakajima as Ranka Lee

May’n as Sheryl Nome and Megumi Nakajima as Ranka Lee

It really feels nostalgic.  (And there is a slight pang in my heart when I remember that I missed it by a year–I was in Japan in 2007.)  When you see May’n now she looks better and dances better.  She sings with more control.  As for Megumi Nakajima unfortunately I haven’t read any news about her lately, so I can’t really comment much about her.

On the 24th and 25th of December I did a marathon of SDF Macross.  As usual I couldn’t finish Phantasm episode.

Better resolution is better :P

Better resolution is better 😛

Earlier in the year I had contemplated about buying the Bluray set but as I have no player I have been waffling between buying a PS3 or a standalone player or having an HTPC.  Of course I ended up buying something else different so the Blurays may have to wait a little while.  There were other priorities but I hope I can have one soon.

As for the final arc of course there is some sadness to it.  It still evokes those feelings even if I’ve watched it before a lot.  In  the final episode it is also Christmas-time, and for Misa and Hikaru it’s a good Christmas because they’re finally together.  It’s unfortunate for Minmay but of course my favorite has always been Misa.  😉

Misa x Hikaru yey!

Misa x Hikaru yey!

And I really like that piano version of Goodbye Tenderness.  I hope that someday I can play it on the piano.  Someday.  🙂

Next up?  Well, once I’m finished with the Budokan concert proper and encore, it’ll be the Macross Frontier Choujikuu Super Live cosmic nyaan concert (and with other stuff in between naturally).  Of course I’ll be reserving that for the new year.  😀

SAO, Moonriver, and backlogs


Sword Art Online got me thinking about year-end rankings this early.  And it’s only September!!

After seeing SAO episode 11, I thought that Kirito and Asuna were really cute together.  I haven’t been this engrossed in a pairing since, well, Alto-hime x Sheryl in Macross Frontier.  And that was 4 years ago.  Wow, it’s been that long.

So aside from having both of them as fave characters in the year-end favorites, I thought about having 2 new categories:

Favorite episode
Favorite couple

The 1st category, favorite episode, would probably be hard to fill as I don’t really pay attention to episode numbers.

The 2nd category, favorite couple, is not that hard but would still take some time.  It would make me go over the other series again if there were any couples that I liked.  Although it might be made easier if more pairings stood out more.


The trivia news today is that the voice behind Moon River, Andy Williams, has died.  I never really thought much about that song.  But after Honey & Clover, aside from being identified as an oldies song, it would remind me of a certain stalker’s guy’s ringtone.  Funny how something so American would remind me of something Japanese.  The power of globalization hahaha.


Meanwhile, my backlog is still formidable:

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Lupin III Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna
Persona 4 The Animation

Somehow I just find excuses not to watch.  Maybe it’s just me feeling like watching some episodes becoming a chore.  Grrr.  I hope I finish at least one more show this weekend.