[Lists 2011] Fictional schools in anime I would like to attend

I came across this result via ANN about a survey conducted by BIGLOBE regarding fictional schools that people want to attend.  It caught my interest and decided to think up my own list.  Well, that’s assuming I was born Japanese AND my parents had lots of monies to be able to send me to most of my listed schools. (So it looks like my lists project will be continuing this year.)  =D
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[Lists 2010] All-time Faves and Rankings: Yuri and Shoujo Ai

This is what I have been referring to in my New Year post.  I will rank the shows I’ve watched for each genre/grouping.  I am not yet sure about the complete list of genres/groupings that I will tackle, because I doubt if there is enough material for most of them.  But the major ones are slice of life, comedy, shounen, and of course, mecha.  But today I will tackle yuri/shoujo-ai.  (Warning:  There might be some spoilers, but just a few.)

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Anime Progress Report: Blues and Strawberries Edition

Yep, finally got the urge write a progress report again.  And spoiler warnings for Aoi Bungaku.

Aoi Bungaku 01-04 / No Longer Human

I really don’t like Yozo, how weak he was, and how unfortunate that he couldn’t help even his wife who was being abused.  His friend, Horiki, was also despicable–taking advantage of Yozo, also not helping Yozo’s wife.  I cannot understand, despite being men, how they could be so spineless.  Come to think of it, most men in this story are a-holes.  The only thing that I was wondering was, could Yozo have been saved?  At that time period, it must have been hard to get real treatment for him.

Also, that part where Osamu Dazai’s life was explained really helped a lot.  I was wondering, why write such a depressing story?  Then because of that explanation I was like, ok, so that’s why.

Anyway, since I didn’t like this tragic story (what happened to Yozo’s wife was really, really bad), I banished the thought of reading the original work.  I saw a copy in one bookstore, but the fact that it was expensive prevented me from buying it.

On the other hand, according to Wikipedia, a movie is being made which stars Ikuta Toma!  Because I liked Ikuta Toma in HanaKimi, I’m very interested in watching how he performs in this one.  He’s got good looks, but can he act Yozo’s part convincingly?  We’ll see.

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State of the Proxy, September 2006

The past few weeks have been a hectic week for me, and it seems that the next would be more so. My workload has gotten a little heavier and I’m really pissed at the codes right now. I fixed one bug, two more appeared. Grrr. On the other hand, ‘extra-curricular’ activities in RL would seem to peak in October, and I was actually looking forward to a month-long hiatus. Also, I wanted to have more time to study, instead of wondering what to write next. Then it would have been quite ironic that I’d go on hiatus on my blog’s 6th ‘monthversary’. However, I’m still not finished with Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I really want to finish it as soon as possible. Every succeeding episode seems to elicit more ‘What?!’ reactions so I just can’t shove the series into the freezer just like that. But since NGE is not the only show I’m watching, I can only proceed at a snail’s pace.
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Of Roses and Strawberries

Thoughts and review on Maria-sama ga Miteru, sort of

I would have to admit that Marimite is the first shoujo-ai anime that I have seen. I got interested in watching this one after reading comparisons of it with Strawberry Panic. And of course Strawberry Panic is the first yuri anime that I’ve seen so far. And since I’m not really that into shoujo-ai and yuri, they could be the last shows I’ll watch from this genre (I’m not into yaoi either, if you’re curious to know). Or until the Marimite OVA comes out. 🙂

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