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My Top Anime for 2010


2010 will be over in a few days, so it’s time for that year-end exercise:  the year-end rankings of the shows that I watched.   I’m quite early from my usual schedule.  Whew!  Now what else to do on New Year’s Eve?  😀

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Take Twos: An Anime Progress Report on Previously Ignored Shows


Sometimes, being too selective has its disadvantages.  For somebody like me who likes my shows a bit serious, without moe or harems or ecchi etc if possible, the tipping point was the weight of real-life worries.  Not only did I not like to watch sad shows that would make my mood even sink further, I wanted to seek out lighter shows from my usual fare.  My pickiness probably borders on elitist sometimes but this time, I was willing to take off the pet peeve goggles for a while.  I do not know if this seems like lowering of standards, or if this is just me looking for something more positive from what I usually watch.  I might be thinking too much these days, I’m afraid.

So where did I find material?  The shows that I normally ignored from the previous seasons, those shows which I dropped or dismissed as fluff, provided some watchable finds.  What were these shows?  Read on.

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Currently in JDorama mode


I got bitten by the jdorama bug again, so yeah, the next lists will take longer to publish.  I hope I’ll tire by Saturday, so that I could post something.  Anyway, haven’t finished a single episode from the winter season.  Vampires vs Kimutaku?  I chose the latter.  😉

Right now I’m plowing through Galileo–because Shibasaki Kou is in it.  =)  I just loved her performance in Orange Days.  And then after that something from Ueno Juri.  Hehehe.

Till next, ja!

The anime line-up for winter is…


…weak, as usual.

The only faint hope is Nodame Cantabile Finale, and I don’t have high expectations even for this one.   The next thing that captures a faint interest is Katanagatari, as the pic doesn’t look too fanservicey.  An automatic entry is Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn because it’s mecha.

The other series I will take a look at for the possible lulz (along the lines of Miracle Train), are Dance in the Vampire Bund for the lolis and Sex Pistols out of curiousity.  😛

Link:  The winter 2010 anime preview c/o hashihime.