My Top Anime for 2012

Because catching up to backlogs must start with the post backlog! 😛

Cute Proxy’s 2012 Favorites

Happy New Year everyone!   😀 It was a good thing I prepared the list in advance months ago.  At least I won't be late with this post. Most Hated/Annoying Character/s Fam from Last Exile Ginyoku no Fam - I had long thought that Claus wasn't that impressive as lead--now I think he's okay.  Fam on …

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Oh, it seems I forgot I had an anime blog

So, not only did I manage to achieve one post per month for 4 straight months, I did not post anything in August!  Hahaha! The culprit/s?  A new job and the 2012 London Olympics. As I announced in July, I got a new job.  I'm still enjoying the perks of a newbie at my job--not …

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Anime Progress Report – Winter 2012 Edition

Finally a post regarding the rest of what I'm watching (or dropping) for winter 2012 anime.  So that I can look forward to spring already hehehe. Mouretsu Pirates/Bodacious Space Pirates - So far I am enjoying this.  I don't think about the story too much, not expecting too much, and hopefully this will end well …

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