My Top Anime for 2011

Happy New Year everyone! This post is very late because, well, I had a awful start to my Christmas vacation--caught a fever and have been feeling sluggish ever since. Haven't done much and the result is delay in the things I wanted to do. Adding to the delay was my purchase of a new monitor that led to rewatches and viewings galore... Anyway, I have got to say that 2011's crop was better as a whole than 2010's. The top 5 contenders each have the quality to be considered the best show of the year 2011 for me. To illustrate the close fight, the five categories that I used to compare the shows (namely Characters/Entertainment Value/Story-Plot-Ending/Music/Animation) were divided among 4 of the top 6 shows. The 2 shows that didn't get a first place ranking had 2 second-place rankings each.

Looking backward and forward: Spring and Summer Anime 2011

Again better late than never. I may not be blogging that much, but I am watching anime, a lot of it now, in fact. As I am still new at work, I don't have a lot of responsibilities yet so I'm not that busy at the moment. For the past few months I have divided my time between anime, books, Internet, and other stuff I didn't get to do like shopping left and right (obviously getting paid means spending power hehehe). Of course I don't spend everything because it's important also that I replenish my savings that got depleted when I resigned without a new job. Now enough of that RL talk. Since I wasn't able to do the Spring impressions, I'm combining it with a post about the Summer anime season.

Winter casualties and Spring 2011 picks

A new anime season approaches!  An excuse for another update! First the dropped shows.  Actually I already had some sort of 'feeling' that these shows might get the axe (except for Bakuman).  But I make them official with this post. Bakuman - Not necessarily from winter 2011, but dropped just recently.  The anime wasn't that …

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Peter Drucker and Managing Oneself

So, in preparation for Moshidora, I thought I'd post something about Peter Drucker. Managing Oneself was first published in 1999 in the Harvard Business Review. It was the first article I read from Drucker's works. I'd like to think of this as the most basic place to start, since to manage others you also have to know how manage yourself first. If you're about to graduate college or are in the early part of your career, it might help you to read a few of Drucker's ideas. As for me, I really wish I'd come across this piece from Drucker in college. (Alas, I was an engineering student back then and management topics were the furthest thing from my mind.) But first, who the hell is Drucker anyway?