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My Top Anime for 2012


Because catching up to backlogs must start with the post backlog!  😛

You see, I had started the post 2 years ago but never got the energy to finish it.

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Anime Progress Report: Playing Catch-up


I was able to finish Love Lab this year.  Thoughts of “Why did I stop watching this again?” were running through my mind while having fits of laughter.  Ah, how many shows in 2013 made me laugh?  Not much (because I did not watch much hahaha).  After finishing I rewatched the episodes with Maki Makio in it.  Such fun!  😀

I have also finished Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.  Actually, it was more like a case of “it’s only about 12 episodes and it’s not annoying so why not finish it?” thing.  Although some foreshadowing of things to come in the ending episode was interesting, more often than not I found the show boring.  I don’t think the economics thingie was well handled–innovation blah3x now there’s progress–but it didn’t feel interesting.  Maybe it didn’t blend well for me, like the way management principles from Peter Drucker did with Moshidora.

For the backlog, there’s still To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S, and Yondemasu Yo! Azazel-san Z.  I don’t know if I will finish them this month though.  And who knows when I’ll able to start on the 2014 winter anime hahaha.

On the manga side, I’ve been trying to read through the Chihayafuru raws.  But the surprising blocking points are the small fonts.  @_@  I have been trying recently to do more reading of raws and it’s really annoying to be faced with small fonts.  Either I can’t make out the kanji, or I can’t make out the furigana (if I don’t know the kanji).  I know I’m whining but yeah it’s my blog, help me vent my frustration.  Onegaishimasu.  😛

I also read (whenever I remember to check) Space Brothers.  I suppose my Japanese-language level is not good enough when encountering complex or technical terms, but I do still get the gist of most of the other dialogue.  As a consequence I have stopped watching the anime.  One could call that a surprising side effect.

Actually I was going to write a post about anime dropped because of the manga, but yeah, laziness set in.  Maybe I will be able to write it in the future, but for now, ja!  🙂

The bored and the impatient


I thought I could keep up the one-post-a-month momentum.  Alas, it was not to be.  The stress from work is ramping up, though it’s nowhere near the level when I first started blogging.  Still, stress is stress.

Anyway, once Chihayafuru 2 finished, my interest in the spring season anime waned.  I then went on a time-wasting, mind-numbing anime marathon:

Honey & Clover
Honey & Clover II
Ergo Proxy

My excuse?  I thought it was good to get better versions of old series.  And what better way to do quality assurance than to watch ’em all episodes?  Let this post be proof of where my time went lol.

I also started rewatching Monster and Moshidora.  Unfortunately these two depress me so I couldn’t get past 5 episodes.  I’m sure I’ll finish the rewatch.  Someday.

I have also been on a manga-reading binge lately.  Aside from Chihayafuru, I have read several chapters of Silver Spoon, Space Brothers , ahead of the anime.  I also read ahead of Claymore back then, but now I have caught up.  It’s an even more excruciating wait than Chihayafuru.  ^_^;

I think that’s it for now with the updates.  There’s actually more I want to say, especially about the summer anime but it will be bedtime soon.  Till next, ja!  🙂

Weekend is near once again


It’s not Friday night yet but here I am itching to write something, or anything.  Hahaha!  Of course the backlog posts are still in the backlog and until I find the motivation/energy to finish those these progress reports will have to do.

So I just finished a rewatch of the 1st season of GITS SAC.  And before that the 2nd season of GITS SAC.  And before that I watched GITS Solid State Society.  It’s backwards but hey, that’s how I started.  (Though it really must have started when I saw that new GITS trailer.)  I was tempted to buy a newer copy of Salinger’s book and re-read it.  Thankfully, I was able to resist spending impulsively.  I shouldn’t have entered the bookstore, period.

On the currently airing shows, only Chihayafuru, Space Brothers, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S, and Yondemasu Yo Azazel-san Z are holding my interest.  I seem to have gotten past my initial obsession with Chihayafuru when I decided to read ahead the manga.  At least now the wait doesn’t have to be so excruciating.  As for Space Bros it’s going fine though I wish they’d just skip the childhood flashbacks of the side characters.  Yondemasu Yo seems to have featured another angel, and well at least it’s still funny.  Railgun has gone darker in its themes and I have added to my misery by reading the wikipedia entries.  I don’t like the direction it’s going but I’m not the author so I can’t complain too much. I haven’t bothered to get the recent episodes of Red Data Girl.  Not that interested anymore.

In other news, there’s a ‘climate map’ that maps trending manga, anime and other Japanese cultural exports per country in Asia.  According to the map, #1 trending in the Philippines is Pokemon.  Though I’m not really that surprised, I’m not sure how accurate that is either.  If I had more time right now I’d probably explore it more but maybe another day.  Still it would be interesting to know how they came up with that.

Links:  Asahi, Asia Trend Map

Re-watch galore


Amidst the pressure at work, I am drawn to blogging rambling again.  What a turn-around!

It seems that this early part of the year has been more about rewatches than new anime.  Of the currently airing anime, only Chihayafuru, Space Brothers, and Zetsuen no Tempest have been able to really capture my interest.  No wonder I’ve been on a rewatching spree lately.

So for the past two days I have been rewatching choice episodes from the 1st season of Chihayafuru.  I’ve already forgotten parts of it–at the Queen match I thought Yuumin (Yamamoto Yumi) had won.  My memory of that match’s outcome was wrong!  So even with the reigning Queen’s handicap (the fact that she became fat it was the biggest surprise of all), she still had enough skill/stamina to defeat Yuumin.  That’s how good she was.

The other anime that I have been rewatching recently is Aria.  I started off with Aria The Animation.  Now I’m currently stuck in the first few episodes of Aria The Natural.  This reflects the fact I don’t like The Natural that much.  But I don’t want to start with Origination just yet–I dread the part where Alicia retires.  Just thinking about it makes my eyes cloudy with tears.  ^_^;

I’ve also been on and off with my rewatch of Glass Mask, I’ve stopped in the middle.  I also rewatched Thermae Romae and Hatarakiman.  On the live-action side I’ve rewatched Nodame Cantabile (yeah all of it), and the first few episodes of Zettai Kareshi and Orange Days.  I also rewatched the first few episodes of Yondemasu Yo! Azazel-san.  And the series was both revolting and funny as I remembered it.

Aside from all the rewatches, I’m trying to restart my Nihongo studies again.  It’s been years since I took a JLPT exam, and my neglect has caused me to forget a lot of what I had learned back then.  Of course the basics are still there, but it will take some time to relearn the kanji I’ve forgotten.  Wish me luck.


In other news, it seems that there will be a new Banner of the Stars novel.  Unfortunately I cannot read the source material even if I wanted to (if I hadn’t stopped my Nihongo studies who knows).  But I hope they make another anime.

Vampire Knight is also ending, though I stopped caring about that manga a long time ago.  But I’m still interested in how it ends.


I guess that ends this week’s ramblings.  Till next, ja!

A Macross-themed Christmas


It feels like ages since I last posted.

So what was I up to?  Actually I wrote a post but I haven’t completed it yet.  Things just piled up and here we are, nearing the end of 2012 still not a post about my November adventure hahaha.

So how’s the anime progress?  I have been regularly watching SAO and Uchuu Kyodai.  As for the rest of the other unfinished series, well, it will depend on my mood if I watch them or not.  This means the year-end rankings post could be delayed.  The world hasn’t ended and it can wait.  😛

Anyway back to topic.  So what’s with the Macross-themed Christmas?  Actually since the 2nd half of the year began I had been planning on rewatching something for Christmas (or the whole of December).  I settled on Macross since well, I am a mecha fangirl.  ‘Nuff said.

So I started with the Macross F concert in Budokan.  I almost managed to finish it and then I found a 1080p version.

May'n as Sheryl Nome and Megumi Nakajima as Ranka Lee

May’n as Sheryl Nome and Megumi Nakajima as Ranka Lee

It really feels nostalgic.  (And there is a slight pang in my heart when I remember that I missed it by a year–I was in Japan in 2007.)  When you see May’n now she looks better and dances better.  She sings with more control.  As for Megumi Nakajima unfortunately I haven’t read any news about her lately, so I can’t really comment much about her.

On the 24th and 25th of December I did a marathon of SDF Macross.  As usual I couldn’t finish Phantasm episode.

Better resolution is better :P

Better resolution is better 😛

Earlier in the year I had contemplated about buying the Bluray set but as I have no player I have been waffling between buying a PS3 or a standalone player or having an HTPC.  Of course I ended up buying something else different so the Blurays may have to wait a little while.  There were other priorities but I hope I can have one soon.

As for the final arc of course there is some sadness to it.  It still evokes those feelings even if I’ve watched it before a lot.  In  the final episode it is also Christmas-time, and for Misa and Hikaru it’s a good Christmas because they’re finally together.  It’s unfortunate for Minmay but of course my favorite has always been Misa.  😉

Misa x Hikaru yey!

Misa x Hikaru yey!

And I really like that piano version of Goodbye Tenderness.  I hope that someday I can play it on the piano.  Someday.  🙂

Next up?  Well, once I’m finished with the Budokan concert proper and encore, it’ll be the Macross Frontier Choujikuu Super Live cosmic nyaan concert (and with other stuff in between naturally).  Of course I’ll be reserving that for the new year.  😀

Oh, it seems I forgot I had an anime blog


So, not only did I manage to achieve one post per month for 4 straight months, I did not post anything in August!  Hahaha!

The culprit/s?  A new job and the 2012 London Olympics.

As I announced in July, I got a new job.  I’m still enjoying the perks of a newbie at my job–not much work to do.  I will probably get busy next month, though I don’t think I’d have to do a lot of OT this time just to get things done.  And I’m actually happy about that prospect.   😀

On the other hand, the London Olympics just took my mind off anime for a whole month.  When it’s something that comes only every 4 years it’s kind of hard to ignore.  I didn’t watch like crazy but on weekends I’d be in front of the TV for hours.  It’s only now I’ve started reading anime blogs again.  I’ve watched some anime in between but not that much.

And regarding JLPT, I think I’ll pass up this year.  I just don’t have the discipline right now to be studying at the level that I had years ago.  I know I shouldn’t worry that much about my declining Nihongo skills, but every time I hear Nihongo being spoken that curiosity, that yearning to understand would pop up again.  I wonder when I can shake off this lethargy that has gone over me the past 2 years.

On the anime front, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I still haven’t finished Aquarion EVOL, Fate/Zero, Mine Fujiko to xxx, and Tsuritama.  Though I’ve now caught up with Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Uchuu Kyodai.

And since the fall anime previews are out, here are the shows I’m planning on checking out:

Shinsekai Yori – It’s sci-fi, ’nuff said.
Jormungand: Perfect Order – Not as good as Black Lagoon but what else is there?
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) – Trying this out of curiousity.
Suki-tte Ii na yo – Something for the heart.
Psycho-pass – Almost anything in Noitamina I will check out.
Robotics:Notes – Same as above.
Kami-sama Hajimemashita – Comedy.  Something to lighten me up.
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – Same as above.

Until the next month? post, ja!