Winter 2020 Anime I’m Interested in

Before we end 2019, let me just add to my pathetic post count. Below are the titles I'll be checking out from the next anime season: Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden - I'm not yet 100% sure about this, but we'll see. Haven't seen the 3rd movie though... Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Sorcerous …

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Looking Back: Anime Festival Asia 2012 at Singapore EXPO

OK, so since this year I decided not to go to AFA (for financial reasons--gotta save), I'm in a reminiscing mood. And since I actually had started writing something about it (but never finished it in 2012 lol), I guess it's time to post something. So below is my account of my first-ever trip to the Anime Festival Asia held in Singapore.

[Lists 2011] Fictional schools in anime I would like to attend

I came across this result via ANN about a survey conducted by BIGLOBE regarding fictional schools that people want to attend. It caught my interest and decided to think up my own list. Well, that's assuming I was born Japanese AND my parents had lots of monies to be able to send me to most of my listed schools. (So it looks like my lists project will be continuing this year.) =D

Take Twos: An Anime Progress Report on Previously Ignored Shows

Sometimes, being too selective has its disadvantages. For somebody like me who likes my shows a bit serious, without moe or harems or ecchi etc if possible, the tipping point was the weight of real-life worries. Not only did I not like to watch sad shows that would make my mood even sink further, I wanted to seek out lighter shows from my usual fare. My pickiness probably borders on elitist sometimes but this time, I was willing to take off the pet peeve goggles for a while. I do not know if this seems like lowering of standards, or if this is just me looking for something more positive from what I usually watch. I might be thinking too much these days, I'm afraid. So where did I find material? The shows that I normally ignored from the previous seasons, those shows which I dropped or dismissed as fluff, provided some watchable finds. What were these shows? Read on.