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Living for the weekends


Hurry up Friday!  I want my next episode of Chihayafuru!  😀

While agonizing over the week-long wait for the next Chihayafuru fix (usually the subs come out Saturday), I have been alternating between rewatches of episodes from the 1st and 2nd (current) season.  Not to mention rewatches of the latest episodes:

  • Episode 14 – rewatched 6 times
  • Episode 15 – rewatched 5 times.

One Random Curiousity writer had the perfect phrase for the show:  exquisite torture.  I don’t remember being this gaga for the show the first time.  When the 2nd season started I wasn’t that really hot about seeing the next episode.  One reason may be that my obsession then was Zetsuen no Tempest.  Now it’s like I can never be satisfied with watching a Chihayafuru episode only once.  ^_^;

My favorite moments from the 2 latest episodes:

  • Ep 14 – Kana-chan blurting out ‘Pizusawa’ instead of ‘Mizusawa’–it was really cute; Tajiri asking Wakamiya why she’s thin now and what dieting she did; Megumu taking the Chihayafuru card
  • Ep 15 – Makoto thinking about Rion copying his hairstyle; Kana-chan and her question about Monk Saigyo–another cute moment; Queen Wakamiya changing her clothes (were those really bloomers??); and lastly the reading of the order of the players.

Despite how good Chihayafuru 2 is I think I have to watch something else.  Currently I’m also watching both the live-action adaptations of Xxxholic and Itazura na Kiss.  I had been rewatching episodes of Xxxholic until Chihayafuru fever went out of control.  Maybe I should get started on rewatching Itazura na Kiss anime so that I don’t get Chihayafuru rewatch overload.  🙂

Anyway lately I have felt that the weekends fly by so fast nowadays, hence the title.  Lately I have had a lot of activities planned on the weekends and before I know it the 2 days of rest are over.  Maybe it’s the summer heat agitating me to do something.  😉

Now excuse me as I go pick another Chihayafuru episode to rewatch.  Ja!


Cute Proxy’s 2008 Favorites


After a day full of eating cholesterol-laden foods– eggs for breakfast, crispy pork for lunch, pizza and more meat for dinner, I finally finished the first of the year-end wrap-up posts!

Most Hated/Annoying Character/s

  1. Stupid villains from Gundam 00 – Alejandro Corner and his golden monstrosity.  Libbons and his harem.  Those stupid siblings in fake Gundams.

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My 2008 Anime Rankings v2.0


It’s a miracle!  It’s another post!  And the matrix makes a comeback!

Okay, so following the success of the prioritization matrix for ‘divining’ what shows to drop, I decided to try it out on the anime rankings as well.  Guess what?  It works!  I mean, I generate 50% less wrinkles while trying to decide which slot Code Geass 2 should be in, or how to control my mecha love to obtain some sort of objectivity for the top ranking.  Now let’s get to it!

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Prioritization Matrix: Prioritize your anime!


Do you want to drop some shows but can’t be objective about it? Do you want to learn something cool, something that you can use in real life and not only in matters of 2D? Are you bored??!! Then this post is for you! 😀

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