My Top Anime for 2009

I said I would not do this list.  However, I made an about-face (for reasons I cannot say).  Unlike last year, my room is not such a mess today.  The weather’s still fine though.

Another thing for this year, I’ll be including shows that I haven’t finished yet but where I’m halfway through (or are ongoing shows).  The shows are Aoi Bungaku, Bakemonogatari, Cross Game, Kimi ni Todoke, Sasameki Koto.  I cannot include Kara no Kyoukai because I’m only into ep 2 and the show is still an unknown for me.  Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood doesn’t count also because I stopped watching and am saving everything for a later date.  Fairy Tail is probably gonna go on forever, and I’m still undecided on it overall.
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Anime Progress Report: Blues and Strawberries Edition

Yep, finally got the urge write a progress report again.  And spoiler warnings for Aoi Bungaku.

Aoi Bungaku 01-04 / No Longer Human

I really don’t like Yozo, how weak he was, and how unfortunate that he couldn’t help even his wife who was being abused.  His friend, Horiki, was also despicable–taking advantage of Yozo, also not helping Yozo’s wife.  I cannot understand, despite being men, how they could be so spineless.  Come to think of it, most men in this story are a-holes.  The only thing that I was wondering was, could Yozo have been saved?  At that time period, it must have been hard to get real treatment for him.

Also, that part where Osamu Dazai’s life was explained really helped a lot.  I was wondering, why write such a depressing story?  Then because of that explanation I was like, ok, so that’s why.

Anyway, since I didn’t like this tragic story (what happened to Yozo’s wife was really, really bad), I banished the thought of reading the original work.  I saw a copy in one bookstore, but the fact that it was expensive prevented me from buying it.

On the other hand, according to Wikipedia, a movie is being made which stars Ikuta Toma!  Because I liked Ikuta Toma in HanaKimi, I’m very interested in watching how he performs in this one.  He’s got good looks, but can he act Yozo’s part convincingly?  We’ll see.

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Fall 2009 Anime Brief Impressions

Here we go again, it’s the new season.  Picked a few shows to check out based on Omni’s list.  Avoided anything with harem, moe-looking pics and stories, and continuations of old series I dropped or purposely didn’t watch.  (Yup, I didn’t finish Darker than Black and currently have no intention of doing so.)  Others just didn’t catch my attention.

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