It’s 2008, time for version 3!

Nick: I go by the name hayase, which is inspired from SDF Macross’ Misa Hayase. You can of course deduce that she is my most favorite character from that series. The next ones are Roy Focker, Miriya and Max Jenus.

Gender: Female

Age: 内緒!

Location: One of the islands in the Philippines.

Main Hobby: Watching and blogging about anime

Other Hobbies: I once had other hobbies, but once anime craze staged a comeback they all disappeared. The only one that survived is movie-watching, but I only do that rarely. I’m thinking of picking up new ones soon, but with all that anime backlog, perhaps won’t happen in the immediate future.

Anime Top Ten: Will post in the future.

Goals: This blog is meant to be the dumping ground for my thoughts on anime, as I don’t have a lot of friends who are as serious about anime as I am. It is the best way to meet other fans online and interact with them, since I can’t frequent forums that much. This is also a good opportunity to use the English language I learned, as I had been blessed with good English teachers in my school days. The main content for this blog would be reviews of anime series, ranking of anime series, and rambling posts lol.

Thanks for reading!