Anime Progress Report 02-15-2009

The slow anime progress crawls on... * Bounen no Xam'd I believe we deserve a sequel--after 1000 years! Seriously, I think the series deserved 50 episodes at least, with all that was going on. But tears were forming as I watched the last 2 episodes...Perhaps I was crying it was all too quick? lol

Cute Proxy’s 2008 Favorites

After a day full of eating cholesterol-laden foods-- eggs for breakfast, crispy pork for lunch, pizza and more meat for dinner, I finally finished the first of the year-end wrap-up posts! Most Hated/Annoying Character/s Stupid villains from Gundam 00 - Alejandro Corner and his golden monstrosity.  Libbons and his harem.  Those stupid siblings in fake …

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