Brief rant on Chihayafuru

* Beware of spoilers *

So I rewatched parts of Chihayafuru and it got me back into the manga. Apparently Chihaya is most likely to end up with Arata, which if it happens would sure disappoint me. Arata is a boring character, in my opinion. I don’t really find him interesting. Taichi, on the other hand, is more interesting to me. It would be such BS if his feelings for Chihaya do disappear. I also don’t want him ending up with Sumire. Floating in my head is a Taichi x Shinobu pairing, though I must admit that’s a long shot. They’re not interested in each other, I know that. But I do wonder how they would interact if they were set up on a blind date. I’m thinking up absurd things now because I find a Chihaya x Arata ending so unpalatable lol. But that’s just me. Rant off.

Yes, these 2 look really good together *faints*

Anyway there’s news of a 3rd season, which I either completely forgot about or missed. I haven’t really been looking at anime news regularly now, unlike in the past. If I remember to I will look at anime sites and look at news. Right now my interest is in Macross collectibles and graphic novels. And loads of other stuff not anime. However with Chihayafuru 3 I will be looking forward to it, as there is interesting stuff that can be animated. Hopefully the animation quality will not decline, so that I can finally enjoy more karuta action. However, a big change is in the voice actors for Harada-sensei and Miyauchi-sensei. Their VAs passed away so they to recast. I hope the new VAs sound just as good.

That’s it folks thanks for reading my little rant. Bye! 😀

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