In Review: Ouran High School Host Club


Haruhi Fujioka was just looking for a quiet place to study, when she chances upon Music Room 3. There the six hosts of the Ouran High School club greet her. In the course of the interrogation she accidentally knocks down this Renaissance vase, supposed to be the centerpiece of the school auction with an initial worth of 8 million yen. To pay off her debt she must work at the Ouran High School Host Club. Thus begins Haruhi’s adventures in the Ouran Host Club. (c. 2006, Rating: Very Good)

I have to say, this series tops School Rumble II in my eyes as ‘the’ comedy show of the year 2006 for me. (Although yeah, I have to admit, these two shows were the only comedy shows I’ve followed for 2006 as of now.) The one thing that made Ouran catch my attention was that I’ve never seen a series about a host club before. In my eyes it was a novel concept that stood out from an ocean of shounen and harem crap that dominates anime these days.

I just love the way Haruhi stays calm most of the time, and delivering those lines so casually. Also the twins are really fun to watch, though at first I actually didn’t like their act. Ok I think Honey-senpai is cute, but I am not so impressed with the part that he’s this martial arts genius. I also like that the host club members’ backgrounds are also tackled; the best is Kyouya’s, though I also would have liked more of Mori. And about Tamaki, never mind, just see for yourself.


The only blot in this series would be the episodes in the middle part of the show and the ending. Sometimes it’s not so funny, but thankfully it picked up again in the later part. One of the best episodes for me was where the first years got owned by Nekozawa. (Who is he? Just watch. 🙂 ) And the ending? This the reason why this won’t be my top favorite series of 2006. The second to the last episode started out fine, but the carriage thing at the last episode was a little too cheesy.

  • Animation at 0.75/0.75. No complaints.
  • Characters at 1/1. Fujioka Haruhi is my favorite female character for this year.
  • Music at 0.75/0.75. The ED is my favorite ED for this year.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 0.75/1. Yeah, the ending’s not so excellent, but over-all the show is great.
  • Entertainment value at 1.25/1.5. For all the laughs, I thank thee.

Rating: 4.5/5


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  1. @debra randisi

    >>Do you think this anime is not for a 13 year old girl?
    Please be honest, thank you.

    This anime could be ok for young audiences, but I doubt they’ll be able to understand much of the comedy. Or its appeal. Will they be watching subs? Or reading the manga? I can vouch the anime is quite safe (unless faint traces of gay tendencies really turns you off), dunno about the manga.

    >>Do the twins have sex, are they really gay?

    I have no idea if they’re really gay, just that they’re very close to each other. There’s a few instances when do act like that but I think it’s just for show. But there’s no sex.

  2. this is the second anime that i bought for myself (the first one was the STUDIO GHIBLI COLLECTION, which i think is very lovely but ought to be more for the younger age.. ) and from then on, i really got hooked with watching anime. i think OURAN is REAAAAALLLLLLLLYYYY hilarious, i love all the exaggerated reactions of everyone especially mommy’s (tamaki sempai…). since then, i have been scrounging dvd stores hoping to find animes with the same kind of not-so-deep storyline, exaggerated reactions and comedy-ish appeal. i own around twenty-something titles now but 2nd to OURAN for me when it comes to funny antics is YAKITATE JAPAN. the 3rd will be CLUB-TO-DEATH DOKURO CHAN but this one’s not for the faint-hearted though. funny but gory. anyways, can any of you guys suggest any other titles that can be compared with the likes of OURAN? pls. drop me a line at killaheyds[at]yahoo[dot]com. tnx very much!!! 🙂

  3. @killaheyds

    Hmm, I haven’t finished that much comedy series, and reverse-harem types like Ouran are somewhat hard to find (or like I know little). The closest thing would be Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, which is like the less stellar cousin of Ouran?

    If you want other suggestions, perhaps School Rumble will do. Not sure though if DVDs are available. =)

    And oh, you won’t mind my editing your email would you? So that you don’t get spammed. 😉

  4. hahaha i loved this anime… it was one of the best romance comedy movies i’ve ever seen… hahaha i thought that there were many many many comedy parts to it… made me laugh throughout the whole thing…

    although i did think that there were some unnecessary episodes to it…. hahaha but oh well it was good… i was expecting a better ending… cause i haven’t read the manga… but yeah… i did think that it should have had a better ending to it…

  5. I love this series!!! It’s so funny, and the characters are really realistic. I really wish there was a second season! I need more Host Club!!

  6. i love the series it’s the best ever. My best friend got me into this and i think that they need 2 have a new season. BTW, kiarou is mine. This is the best anime since………IDN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I Think This anime is too girlie. Although it is funny but sometime makes me….. hoek…hoek…(i am a man).
    SR-1 is far far more funny, but SR-2 not.

  8. xD the ending is a bit queer, but overall, Ouran is heckahecka kool~!!! The host members are all so hilarious, especially tamaki cuz [no toher word for it] a drama queen. ^^ i love the commoner statements =D and yes, i read a few chapters in the manga, and it’s the practically the same as the anime . . . sorta kinda. The anime changed it so the events were a bit shorter.

  9. >>The anime changed it so the events were a bit shorter.

    Really? I’ve toyed with the idea of reading the manga but I just haven’t found the time–I also dread the thought of having to read the chapters that were already animated.

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