In Review: Ergo Proxy


Real Mayer, an inspector for the Intelligence Bureau of Romdeau, encounters a mysterious creature/monster while investigating a series of murders. In her quest for the truth, what will she find? (c. 2006, Rating: Average)

Ok, that was the briefest summary I could have written.

Now let me get to the point. I was expecting a lot from this show, and although it didn’t turn out to be crap, I was a little disappointed. In my eyes, this show had a lot of potential, but for some reason it never delivered. As I vented out here, yes, I was misled by how the show was presented. Instead of wow proxy fights, we are treated to mind games, which actually doesn’t help me understand that much at all. And looking at its wikipedia entry, there sure were a lot of references to other works, cultural facts, etc. Although to have something like that is nice (and also adds to discussion about this anime), I can’t help but think that it’s pretense to make the show look intelligent (or whatever). What the show tried to achieve, well I don’t what that is, and I doubt if it really did achieve what it set out to do at all. That could mean perhaps I didn’t really understand the show at all–so er, my fault? =p

But if I said all that, why o why did I still watch this show? Of course, the main draw is the mystery of the proxies. What is the purpose of the proxies? Why do they have such powers? Will Real and Vincent ever find the truth? Etc etc etc. And these questions, simple as they are, kept me watching.

Now I can’t help but mention that adorable little autoreiv named Pino. Whenever she’s around, I forget about the show’s flaws and just think about how cute she is, especially against wasteland as the background.

  • Animation at 0.50/0.75.
  • Characters at 0.75/1. Pino! Pino! Pino!
  • Music at 0.75. I love the OP. It’s my favorite OP for this year. (Perhaps you’d like to have some lyrical fun?)
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 1/1. As I said earlier, the mystery of the proxies were too hard to resist.
  • Entertainment value at 0.75/1.5. Without Pino, the rating should have been lower.

Rating: 3.75/5


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  1. I’d rate it higher. I have a great interest in smart animes, instead of just those animes that have tons of fights about almost nothing. I loved it and thought it deserved a better rating.

  2. Well I thought that they could have had made it a little better than it was. Maybe in the future appreciation for this show might grow, though right now I’m only a little disappointed.

  3. I’d rate it lower as well. Despite how much claim there was that it was a methodical anime, it just tried to be too much of a methodical anime and ended up being less than Ghost in the Shell, or better yet, became 2/16 of what Ghost in the Shell was. That 2/16 was comprised of Re-l’s awesome goth look, and with the appearance of Pino. Anything else, I don’t give a care about. The American box art looks superb, but there’s no way in heck I’m considering anything of a purchase to get me to get the whole series at all. Though my friend is a real sucker for Ergo despite how decently good it was.

  4. I would actually rate this higher; by far one of my favorites. It did remind me of GITS, but I found it much easier to follow than GITS; GITS’ plot becomes way too confusing at some points.

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