I’m feeling lazy…


Did another round of overtime today. On a Sunday at that!! And so my brain is in ranting mode!

And that means, I do not have the energy right now to blog about Honey and Clover and Binbou Shimai Monogatari. These are two slice of life shows, and looks like my real life situation right now revolves around W-O-R-K. Mayama’s off to Spain, Yamada has Nomiya. But me? I’m stuck in the office poring through lines of code most of which are as undecipherable like Kanji. The poor sisters’ worries are much simpler than mine though, but I’m not up for another round of petals galore. Another factor is that yeah, I can’t seem to find raws. Searching all corners(?) of the Internet seems like a waste of time, but Doremi’s there to save the day anyway, so why bother?

It seems that now, not only do I have a backlog of anime, I also have a backlog of posts. But the only thing I can think of now is a ranting, directionless post. Maybe I need a vacation. From work. But, that seems impossible right now. So people, whenever you complain that software is expensive, think about the people who made the code. If it’s buggy, the programmer is probably an asshole. Go bash the program in an appriopriate forum. If you think you’re making Bill Gates get richer, take solace in the fact the man has a foundation. Not all of your money goes to his pockets, a consuelo de bobo (fool’s consolation). Now what the hell am I saying…

Here’s another consolation. If you liked Raruto, there’s a music video about it out now. If you wanted to see them animated, go to the site here. But I’m warning you, only Gaara seems to be the funny one there. Now I demand that Gran Bola de Fuego should be animated next time around!!

Until the next time I’m in ranting mode, ja!


2 responses »

  1. 3 for anger
    8 for incoherence
    10 for giving props to the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation (I’m slowly forgiving ‘ol Bill for Windows because of that one)

    Overall, it’s a pretty good rant.

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