Honey and Clover II: Episode 06


I really can’t have a backlog after all…

This time we are given a look Morita’s childhood, his father, and now I know why he acts the way he does. He does take after his father.

Takemoto is also at it again: creating another huge structure for the Hamabi festival. He takes the whole process as something monotonous, which is really how a lot mundane things work. Do things repeatedly over periods of time and yeah, it will get boring somehow. That’s a fact.

We also take a look a Hagu. She’s in the library looking at marble sculptures. She looks very beautiful here. So far from the little Hagu that we’re used to seeing. Maybe it’s because she’s let her hair down completely. She then laments that a single lifetime is not enough for her to be able to open the boxes that contain ideas for her to create into reality. I wholeheartedly agree with her. In my case, there’s a lot of things I want to learn but there just isn’t enought time. For artistic types, it is a real predicament. But I don’t think Hagu’s alone in that sentiment. If you’re someone who is also brimming with ideas, yes, there would not be enough time to realize all of them. Time is really an irreplaceable commodity. (And yes I cry for Hagu.)

On the other hand, Hagu thinks she can overcome this if there is somebody who will help her. It’s at this point that Shuu enters. Hagu by this time was actually looking at Rodin’s The Gates of Hell. And the first time I saw it yes, I was reminded of the gate in Full Metal Alchemist. The Gates of Hell was inspired by Dante’s The Divine Comedy. Now I know where the phrase “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” comes from. Was this a portent of things to come? But I digress.

Hagu actually wanted to say something to Shuu, but she held back. Perhaps she decided he wasn’t the one who should help her. She thinks he has his own life to lead, and maybe Hagu thinks she wouldn’t play a big part there.

Now we go over to Mayama. I thought I’d gotten over his stalker status, but he is more creepy this time. But right now I think I’ve had enough of Rika x Mayama x Yamada x Nomiya to last me for a while. Let’s move back to Hagu and the rest.

So after Morita takes a peep at Hagu, Shuu asks him to talk to her. Shuu tells him that their paths will separate if they don’t talk now. Morita answers that it can’t be helped. He also adds they were never that close. Is he giving up Hagu now?

But it is now also revealed what the Morita brothers are up to now: they want to get their father’s company back. Is that enough to set aside Hagu? I don’t think so.


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