First Impressions: Kannazuki no Miko


Out of boredom, I decided to watch episode one of this series. But this post is going to be super-short.

So the first quarter was an introduction to Kurusugawa Himeko and Himekawa Chikane. These two girls seem to like each other. But AnimeNfo says its yuri anyway so no surprise there. Things go smoothly here, until Souma remembers the past with Himeko. Then the pace of the story accelerates, I am bewildered at how fast things progress from childhood to an attempt at confession and poof! Mechas appear!! 🙂

So maybe they had to go fast a bit because this series is only about 12 episodes long. The mecha designs are ok, but they’re unbelievably too conventional, it’s like they came out of some production line. Almost Gundam-like. See how I’ve recovered from the appearance of the mechas? Ok so I was actually looking forward to it lol. And now the Kiba marathon just keeps on getting shelved. I am so bad at prioritizing and time management. Sorry Zed.

Okay, it’s bedtime. Ja!


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