Honey and Clover II: Episode 09


Okay, so I was in for another surprise. Kaoru disappeared. Shinobu remembers the conversation they had. Kaoru actually says it to him, how their Dad only cared for Shinobu. And then Kaoru wonders what it would have been like to Shinobu. Now I guess everything has sunk in for Kaoru. I’m guessing that he’s feeling a little empty now, since he got his revenge. I don’t know if others feel it too, but sometimes after acquiring something a feeling of emptiness crops up. Perhaps this is what Kaoru is feeling. After revenge, what next? It actually doesn’t make you live happily ever after, right? And yeah, must be a little tormenting for Shinobu right now, his brother’s words.

Now Hagu is feeling pain in her right hand. She refuses to take painkillers. I understand this reaction a little. It’s a reminder to Hagu that yes, her hand might get better. It reminds her that there’s still a chance she can draw again like she used to (though maybe not totally). If I were somebody like her, I’d get scared that the pain might even go away, and never come back again.

Nomiya appears while Yamada is looking at cell phones. I salute Yamada’s status as a cellphone-less citizen. I actually get the impression that in her field, she would need a cellphone to get in touch with her clients. Guess I was wrong. Anyway, Nomiya gives her a pep talk, and advises her not to stay away from Hagu just because she can’t do anything for her. Nomiya’s maturity shines through here.


The next day (?) Yamada gives Hagu a warmer she hand-made from her dad’s old jacket. While Yamada is complaining, Hagu thinks to herself that it’s ok for Yamada to have those feathers on here. Because she looks like an angel to Hagu. Then Hagu says ‘Thank you’. This is one of the more touching scenes in Honey and Clover II. And Hagu still looks so cute even with the bandage on her forehead.

Takemoto and doggy Yamada

Takemoto, on the other hand, is in a bind. A single flower cost 300 yen! But Yamada saves him by taking him to a place where they can pick flowers for Hagu. It backfires, however, as Hagu tries to feel the flowers through her fingers. The two learn that Hagu doesn’t have feeling in her fingertips. The stress leads her to bite her left hand, then later Shuu offers his hand too. Ok, it’s a little gross for me.


However, Hagu biting her left hand and Takemoto’s realizations are the saddest happenings in this episode. I bet anyone who is as passionate as Hagu in their chosen field/vocation would feel the same kind of stress, then maybe depression or frustration. But perhaps the person who feels the most frustration must be Takemoto. As he thinks in practical terms, he knows that he can’t support Hagu financially. It must really suck to be in Takemoto’s shoes right now.


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