My Anime Rankings for 2018

Finally a new rankings post after 2 years of silence! However, the list isn't long. I could have added the shows from 2017 that I liked, but nah, I didn't want to take away the spotlight from the best anime of 2018 for me. #12 Uchuu Senkan Tiramisù This show is plain silly. I'm imagining …

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Cute Proxy’s 2018 Favorites

Here we are with a very brief post on my favorite stuff from 2018 anime. Rankings will follow in another post. Favorite Male Characters For the first time I’m not feeling any of the male characters. Favorite Female Characters Anzu (Hinamatsuri) - Anzu was one scary girl who turned into a very good girl. Hina …

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My Top Anime for 2011

Happy New Year everyone! This post is very late because, well, I had a awful start to my Christmas vacation--caught a fever and have been feeling sluggish ever since. Haven't done much and the result is delay in the things I wanted to do. Adding to the delay was my purchase of a new monitor that led to rewatches and viewings galore... Anyway, I have got to say that 2011's crop was better as a whole than 2010's. The top 5 contenders each have the quality to be considered the best show of the year 2011 for me. To illustrate the close fight, the five categories that I used to compare the shows (namely Characters/Entertainment Value/Story-Plot-Ending/Music/Animation) were divided among 4 of the top 6 shows. The 2 shows that didn't get a first place ranking had 2 second-place rankings each.