Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 5: Ciao, Sorella!

Weee!!!!!!! Most pics in a post ever hahaha–er, just something from my favorite scenes in the OVA.

So the first scenes before the OP we are shown the last contact between the soeurs before the 2nd years’ trip to Italy.


Yumi and Sachiko chat at the station. Yumi is worried about what souvenirs to bring back home.


Rei and Yoshino get to hold hands while walking.


Now, this is my favorite parting scene. We only see Noriko in the photo in Shimako’s desk, but the scene was touching in itself. Shimako is talking with Noriko on the phone. And the bouton tells Shimako to come back, because she’ll be waiting. Shimako says thanks in return. How sweet. 🙂

(Additional info, I forgot to include from my original draft @_@.) At the airport, the photog Tsutako is at work and also Mami of the newspaper. In the airplane one funny thing was that Yumi asks if Maria-sama has the same feeling when watching over from such a high place. Yumi has such child-like wonder LOL. Tsutako also wanted to take a shot at a fellow Lilian student who was praying so hard, but Yumi stopped her. Tsutako lamented it would have been a great picture.

loli yoshino

Now in Italy, Yoshino gets sick for a while, and we get to see loli Yoshino! Anyway, the funny part is that the next day while she Yoshino is up and showering, Yumi thought she’d fainted. LOL.

pointed noses

Still, I can’t help but be annoyed at their pointed noses. Aargh.

crying angel

While looking at the religious paintings (dunno, was this the Sistine Chapel?), Shimako is moved to tears. Yumi witnesses this event. Shimako wonders why tears don’t stop falling. But Yoshino is unmoved hahaha. (And a larger Shimako pic for fanservice. Hehehe.)


While eating, the group of Yumi, Yoshino, Tsutako et al, are informed of a sighting of Sei Satou, Shimako’s onee-sama. Of course, the info is provided by the resident Lilian newspaper club member Mami.


While sightseeing, the group of Tsutako, Yoshino and Yumi stumble upon Shimako–and Kanina Shizuka. The conversation turns to how did Shizuka know they were there, and the Lilian group thought Sei supplied the information. To their surprise, it turned out Shimako was the ‘culprit’. Anyway, the second highlight of this sequence is the solo performance by Shizuka for the girls (and some strangers) in closed doors. I thought it was too short though hehehe.

After that, Yumi is left with Shizuka for a while, and Shizuka gives Yumi a postcard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa so that she could send one to Sachiko. In it Yumi writes Ciao Sorella blah3x. And then adds ‘Onee-sama I wanted to see you’. This postcard gets significant later on. Yumi gives it to Shizuka for her to mail it.


The girls go and get some gelato, and Yumi gets caught for another candid shot by Tsutako hehehe. Also, along the way they meet a parrot that utters some Japanese words–and the name Satou-san! The girls are perplexed.


Back with Yoshino and Yumi, Shimako says Sei Satou is in Italy. They both ask her if she met Sei, but Shimako says no, she just feels it. At this part the animation really looked good. Yes, more glorious Shimako shots. =p


When Yumi returns, she gives her two cute kohai their gifts. And as their reaction illustrate, Touko and Kanako are still not friendly with each other. I wonder what went on with their minds when they found out they had the same gift.

together again

And to Yumi’s embarrassment, the postcard arrives late! Hahaha.

Over all this has got to be my favorite installment of the Marimite OVAs. It doesn’t feel rushed. Another thing that might have helped was that I never read a translation of the original text from the novel. Another consequence would be that I missed out on some details–there was a lot of dialogue I couldn’t understand. But I was very happy because Shimako got more screen time.

And now, the long wait begins for the 4th season! 🙂

Update: ‘Ciao, Sorella’ means ‘Hello, Sister! ‘ Thanks, Google!

Update #2: Some trivia on the flight to Italy.


10 thoughts on “Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 5: Ciao, Sorella!

  1. maglor

    >>> Anyway, the second highlight of this sequence is the solo performance by Shizuka for the girls (and some strangers) in closed doors. I thought it was too short though hehehe.

    I totally agree. After 2 awesome performance in the older series, I expected another ‘Ear’ opener here, but I guess it was not meant to be. In my experience, the best songs for such enclosed space with long reverberation ( Echoes last for long time ) and her operatic style would have been Mozart’s Laudate Dominum ( the KV 321 one which would be purely solo, not the famous ( but slightly inferior in my opinion ) KV 339 one ), but chances are very likely that neither the author nor the anime production team knew of existence of such fine, yet difficult song. ( The song is sounds simple, yet it require exquisite control of breathing, pitch, and intonation, thus avoided by most sopranos who knows of it. )

  2. @maglor

    Wow, are you a musician? =p

    So yeah, they failed to ‘maximize’ on Shizuka’s solo. But I’m still satisfied because I actually didn’t see it coming.

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  4. Skh

    Anonymous released a subtitle file 2 days ago, so if you have the raw you can already watch it subbed. The translation still needs some work, but it’s still very watchable.

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