Why I love Honey and Clover


These are the rantings and ravings of a very biased blogger on why Honey and Clover is good.

There are people who must be wondering, ‘What’s so good about Honey and Clover?’, and there must be people like me (or maybe even just me) who are wondering ‘Why do a lot of people not find Honey and Clover good?’ So why do I love Honey and Clover? What makes Honey and Clover unique? Read on.

1. Morita is fun to watch. His exploits are just hilarious. From making money out of Hagu’s foot to his singing antics and mysterious jobs, you can say he is livin’ la vida loca. No wait, he is loca. What really drives him to do what he does is still a mystery though.

2. The characters are believable. From Morita, the guy who drives his professor crazy, to Takemoto who goes on a journey of self-discovery, to Yamada and her unrequited love, people like these can be found in real life.

3. The comedic moments are enjoyable. Whenever Takemoto et al get teary eyed at the sight of meat, I always find it amusing. The comedy may have not made me laugh as hard as I did while watching School Rumble and Hajime no Ippo, but it left a very good feeling afterwards. And since I sometimes watched episodes during lunch break, I felt very refreshed and would get a nice start for the afternoon round of work.

4. The love triangles! Actually, I can’t find an exact word to describe them. But I really want to find out what becomes of the Rika-Mayama-Yamada and Morita-Hagu-Takemoto triangles. I’m rooting for Takemoto and Hagu, but I find it hard to choose between Rika and Yamada for Mayama. (And I have no idea what happens in the manga. And I also don’t want to be spoiled.)

5. The story is great. It might be slow, but Honey and Clover was a needed change from my usual fare of Gundam and other action-oriented anime. It’s not mindless, explosive stuff, it’s a slice of life anime after all. And the music is just fine, it complements the mood of the story well.

6. Lastly, the show makes me think about life in general. No, make that my life in general. Ok, so I just think about various what-ifs. And the other shows that make me think like that are School Rumble and Ghost in the Shell. (And these three are in my top ten favorite anime of all time, which, come to think of it, I haven’t even posted yet.)

I don’t know if I missed something important that I should have mentioned, but I guess this is most of what makes Honey and Clover tick for me.


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  1. Honey and Clover for me is either my favorite anime of all time or the next favorite anime of all time. That’s simply how good it is. I agree with your above statements, but four to six make up the brunt of my reasoning. I mean, I like Morita, but it’s okay if he’s not there (ep12-18). Wait, scratch that, you’re right. I do love the story with your reasons. 🙂

  2. “What really drives him to do what he does is still a mystery though.”
    -For the mysterious jobs part, in the first season, everytime except for the trip to America, it was all for money.

    “Lastly, the show makes me think about life in general. No, make that my life in general.”
    -me too. me too.

  3. Yeah, I know. But his jobs were a puzzle to those around him.  But what I find mysterious are what drives him to act the way he does.  What is his motivation for doing things?  But he can be pretty damn serious, like that time when Yamada took off with Mayama’s officemate (sorry forgot his name).

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  5. I like anime till the day I was born, but lately i admire the crazy anime called honey and clover. i watched it very much. i have to suffer the consequences for offering my time watching this, i’m only in chapter four of the series but i find them awkward and fun! Any way i like morita so much that if theirs a guy like him i will marry him! joke^_^ i find this show as super cool!!!!!! hehhe!!

  6. you are right . . . yeah, i dont understand why some people brush it off as just another romance anime. i suppose not everyone can appreciate how special the characters and the story are =)

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